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Life Changing Stories

Local Ministries

We use different media platforms, our own personal testimonies and the testimonies of other every day people who, through this challenge, have become actively engaged in sharing their faith. There is little more that is inspiring than to hear real life, ground floor stories of changed lives changing lives! Testimonies are life giving! We're constantly updating our facebook page with real life testimonies from incredible people who have had incredible life transformations!

Whether you are a Bible camp, youth ministry, street outreach, Prison chaplain….etc. We supply and equip all ministries with Bibles for outreach and evangelism. Click on our catalogue and find out how we can start equipping your ministry for outreach. 

On the Phone

Facebook Testimony

Compelling Quotes

The happiest Christians we have in our church are ones who take joy in sharing their faith.

- Pastor

If Christians actually believe that the only way to heaven is through Jesus much do they have to HATE their neighbour not to share that with them


I found Christ through receiving a Bible. Why did it take 42 years for someone to share this with me? Christians are robbing people like me of eternity by keeping their mouths shut

- Recipient of our Bibles

Because of this Bible, I am now the first Christian in my entire family. Thank you so much for the work you saved me

-Recipient of our Bibles

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