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Bibles can be expensive. We want make sure cost is never the reason someone doesn't have access to the gospel. We want to equip you to both grow in your faith and also share it. If you need a bible for yourself, or would like one to give away, we would be happy to provide it to you for FREE! As long as you are in Canada, we ship the bible to your door.


We can personalize these new testament for your church or ministry.

When your ministry is engaged in outreach, it's important for the recipient of the bible to know where it came from.

Simply send us your church or ministry logo and the text you want displayed and we'll create a transparent, thin label for each new testament that is ordered.

Special Projects

Some of our projects are unique in nature and aren't necessarily for an individual or a ministry. Whether large or small, we work with our publication partners to make sure we have the best resources as God opens doors for opportunity.

We want to hear from you!

It is because of our generous supporters that we are able to give these Bibles away. If you have received Bibles from Give the Word, please write to us with how these Bibles have been used in your ministry. We want to hear your story or testimony. We would also appreciate a picture to go along with it if you can. We send these stories to our supporters so that they can feel the impact that their support is having for the Kingdom.

How have our bibles helped you?

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