Past Projects

We are very proud to have worked with many support partners who have helps us develop and supply these amazing, unique bibles! Each and every one of them are in the hands of people who both needed them, and were so appreciative to have received them for FREE! Thanks to our support partners for helping make this happen!

These may not be available anymore, but we regularly stock a lot of excellent resources.

  • Hope Within Reach

    Teen Challenge Outreach Bible

    We partnered with Teen Challenge to create a booklet that would share testimonies of men and woman who found recovery from addiction and a relationship with Christ through their recovery program. The booklet is filled with real life stories as well as a full gospel presentation to be used for outreach and evangelism. Over 3000 of these Booklets were distributed to Teen Challenge locations throughout Manitoba, Ontario and BC.

  • Angel In The Sky

    STARS Bible

    STARS is an air ambulance service in Manitoba. A few years ago, one of our GIVE THE WORD supporters asked if we could do a custom cover Bible to gift to all the staff that work with STARS. This all stemmed from STARS saving the life of a relative of his and he wanted to give them a gift to not only say thank you, but to share with the the living saving message of Christ. We customized the cover of over 20 of these Bibles to present to them, all of whom were to incredibly grateful to receive it.

  • A Compass For Life

    Campers Bible

    In the summer of 2018, we partnered with ONE HOPE Canada and designed a Bible cover for over 4000 Bibles that we are able to donate to all 80 ONE HOPE Bible camps across Canada. The was a $36,000 project which resulted in over 4000 kids receiving their very own Bible. For many, this was their very first Bible.

  • Anything Is Possible

    VBS Kids Bible

    We partnered with a local church in Winnipeg and designed a Bible cover for their VBS program. Over 300 kids received this Bible for free during their VBS summer camp program.

  • KMF Music

    Music Bible

    This Bible was done in partnership with FRESH IE, a Canadian grammy nominated and Juno award winning Christian rapper. KMF was his music label (Kingdom Music Fellowship), wanted a Bible that would feature FRESH IE’s personal testimony as well as a clear presentation of the gospel. Over 1000 of these bibles were printed and given out at his concerts as the gospel was shared to teens across Canada.

  • Route 66

    Church Series Bible

    This Bible was designed in partnership with Riverwood Church in Winnipeg, MB. As a church of over 1500 people, many of the people attending were newcomers, new believers and seekers. Route 66 was a series where they wanted the entire Church to go through the Bible together so helped designed this Bible cover along with a reading plan and over 1000 people were given this Bible for free. For many, this was the first Bible they had ever received.

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Our Mission Statement

Give the Word exists to:

1. Serve and to partner with ministries churches, missionaries and believers, providing them with Bibles and resources for outreach and evangelism. 

2. Make Jesus known. There is no other tool better suited to reflect our need for Jesus, for salvation, than the Bible. It's literally an invitation to the FREE,  greatest gift known to humanity.

3. Make the Bible FREE, available and accessible to people and ministries across Canada in need of Bibles and outreach resources to be able to carry out the great commission.


Simply put, we Give The Word. 

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