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Past Projects

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This bible is no longer being stocked

We are always looking for new projects. Become a support partner and help fund future projects!

We rely 100% on fundraising for the Bibles we give away. We do this through partnerships with churches, ministries, businesses and individuals who have a desire to reach people with the most powerful tool we have. The Bible. Your donation today will help put bibles in the hands of people that wouldn't otherwise have one.

Angel In The Sky


STARS is an air ambulance service in Manitoba. A few years ago, one of our GIVE THE WORD supporters asked if we could do a custom cover Bible to gift to all the staff that work with STARS. This all stemmed from STARS saving the life of a relative of his and he wanted to give them a gift to not only say thank you, but to share with the the living saving message of Christ. We customized the cover of over 20 of these Bibles to present to them, all of whom were to incredibly grateful to receive it.

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