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Make Him Known

Church & Community

We are here to Equip Churches across Canada with Bibles for their outreach needs. We supply Bibles for Sunday school, kids, youth, pew Bibles, community outreach and everything in between. Choose from our catalogue of In stock Bibles ready to be picked up or shipped.  

Please understand that although the Bibles that we provide are always free, there are time that we may not be able to provide the entire amount of Bibles being requested. We donate Bibles based on our available inventory and funding we have in place to restock our supply. 


Although the Bibles we send out are ALWAYS free, Churches and ministries are more than welcome to make donation to our ministry to help keep our warehouse stocked with Bibles to send out to individuals, missionaries, churches and ministries in need of Bibles and outreach resources. 


If your church would like to partner with us, please consider the Case a Month project. 

Packages on Shelves

The Charge

Jesus charged his disciples to share the gospel. That conversation was never meant to be comfortable, but it WAS necessary. Part of our conviction is giving this charge to our ministry partners and their congregants. We would love to visit and share a presentation and a message on the clear command that every believer is to share their faith.


We use different media platforms, our own personal testimonies and the testimonies of other every day people who, through this challenge, have become actively engaged in sharing their faith. There is little more that is inspiring than to hear real life, ground floor stories of changed lives changing lives! Testimonies are life giving!

The Bibles

We provide a Bible for every person in the church to give away and give them one week to do it. We also give them a comment card to fill out on how they gave their Bible away. They hand the card in the following week so that the leaders know that the challenge was taken. The testimonies are then relayed back to Give the Word to encourage others.

Compelling Quotes

The happiest Christians we have in our church are ones who take joy in sharing their faith.

- Pastor

If Christians actually believe that the only way to heaven is through Jesus much do they have to HATE their neighbour not to share that with them


I found Christ through receiving a Bible. Why did it take 42 years for someone to share this with me? Christians are robbing people like me of eternity by keeping their mouths shut

- Recipient of our Bibles

Because of this Bible, I am now the first Christian in my entire family. Thank you so much for the work you saved me

-Recipient of our Bibles

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