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Who Are We?

At Give The Word, we are passionate about sharing the gospel. But in order to operate at the scale that we do, we need a lot of help! The mountain of generosity our partners offer is a clear affirmation that God is in this ministry. Our partners are equally as modest as they are generous so you'll have to take us at our word. But we're always taking on new projects so we're always in need of new partners! Needless to say, we don't exist without our key partners and staff!

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By bringing on support partners who share a passion for getting the Bible into peoples hands. A partner could be a currier getting bibles from A to B. It  churches in equipping their congregation or business owners aiding in strategy consultation or influence to open doors or make connections.


By raising funds to be able to purchase outreach Bibles by the pallet. We give them away to be used for outreach and raise funds to do it all over again. Fundraising is done both in specific project campaigns and general donations.

How do we operate?

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