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Past Projects

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This bible is no longer being stocked

We are always looking for new projects. Become a support partner and help fund future projects!

We rely 100% on fundraising for the Bibles we give away. We do this through partnerships with churches, ministries, businesses and individuals who have a desire to reach people with the most powerful tool we have. The Bible. Your donation today will help put bibles in the hands of people that wouldn't otherwise have one.

A Compass For Life

Campers Bible

In the summer of 2018, we partnered with ONE HOPE Canada and designed a Bible cover for over 4000 Bibles that we are able to donate to all 80 ONE HOPE Bible camps across Canada. The was a $36,000 project which resulted in over 4000 kids receiving their very own Bible. For many, this was their very first Bible.

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