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“I was terrified to start this ministry, so I asked God that if He was in this, that he would provide. And he did. God is in this ministry, and this ministry belongs to God.”

Ryan Rempel


Winnipeg, MB

In 2013, Ryan realized his passion for local outreach and inspired the idea of Give The Word. Operating In his own back yard, Give The Word’s main objectives would be meeting people’s needs and sharing the gospel. Ryan prayerfully sought out what it would look like for missionaries and ministries in his home town to have access to Free Bibles that were designed to reach people who were far from God.

God answered this prayer and through a series of divine events, Ryan joined Equip Canada and Give the Word was born. Starting with a passion for outreach, it has since grown to reach ministries across Canada and into Spanish speaking countries as well.

Give the Word has grown into a full time ministry with two additional staff. Give the Word is currently donating thousands of bibles every year to ministries, churches and missionaries in need of outreach focused Bibles. This happens through fundraising for all of the bibles that are purchased and donated through Give the Word. Give the Word encourages people to support them financially so that the Bible can be made free to anyone who need them, wether they are a church, ministry or someone who feels called to personal evangelism and outreach.

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