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Spanish Bibles

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Note: At this time, we are only able to ship to Canadian addresses.

We rely 100% on fundraising for the Bibles we give away. We do this through partnerships with churches, ministries, businesses and individuals who have a desire to reach people with the most powerful tool we have. The Bible. Your donation today will help put bibles in the hands of people that wouldn't otherwise have one.

It's All About Jesus

Kid's Illustrated New Testament (Ages 8 - 13) SPANISH

This illustrated New Testament brings to life the story of Jesus from birth to resurrection through imagery and graphic novel style text. Mixed with Scripture portions and a clear path to salvation, It’s all about Jesus is a perfect outreach tool for kids ages 8-13.

* Entire Story of Jesus captured through Graphic novel pictures and text
* Scripture portions at the bottom of each page
* Designed for Kids to grasp on to who Jesus is.
* Portions of scripture at the back outlining how to know Jesus
* Perfect for older kids
* Size 5.5”x8”

Old Book

The suggested donation dollar amounts on each bible reflects only reflects what we pay to have them printed. The suggested donation is not what is owed per bible, but rather to inform you what it costs Give the Word to give them away. 


Give the Word donates bibles to Churches, ministries and individuals for outreach and evangelism. We work with each each ministry or church on a case by case basis. We encourage ministries to cover our cost (or a portion of our cost) to help offset the bibles that we donate to ministries and missionaries who are not able to purchase or afford bibles. 

Ministries who donates over and above our cost will have those funds directed to our general Bible funds to be used in making the bible FREE to those in need of resources. 

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