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We rely 100% on fundraising for the Bibles we give away. We do this through partnerships with churches, ministries, businesses and individuals who have a desire to reach people with the most powerful tool we have. The Bible. Your donation today will help put bibles in the hands of people that wouldn't otherwise have one.

Book of Hope

Pregnancy Care Canada Bible

In July of 2020, we were contacted by a woman who has asked us if their was a Bible that came with help and stories of woman who were facing unplanned pregnancies. She wanted to reach out to the local Crisis Pregnancy Center to donate these Bible to them. Unfortunately, their was not a Bible in print that dealt with this specific issue.
This got us thinking….Why couldn’t we take a New Testament Bible geared towards seekers and ad personal stories of woman who have walked this road and have chosen life for their Babies under uncertain circumstances as well as woman who have had abortions in the past but found forgiveness and hope through Jesus.

We contacted Pregnancy Care Canada and after a few meeting of pitching the idea, a projects was born to design and print 20,000 Bibles to be donated to ALL 80 pregnancy care centres across Canada.

This is a $115,000 project.

We are now working on collecting testimonies women, willing to share their personal stories as well as collecting additional content of all the help that this offered by Pregnancy Care Canada. These stories and helps will all be included in the New Testament Bible and will be given as a free gift to the women and families that come in to their centres for help and hope. This will be another way that Pregnancy Care canada is able to reach woman with the life saving message of Jesus.

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Our Mission Statement

Give the Word exists to:

1. Serve and to partner with ministries churches, missionaries and believers, providing them with Bibles and resources for outreach and evangelism. 

2. Make Jesus known. There is no other tool better suited to reflect our need for Jesus, for salvation, than the Bible. It's literally an invitation to the FREE,  greatest gift known to humanity.

3. Make the Bible FREE, available and accessible to people and ministries across Canada in need of Bibles and outreach resources to be able to carry out the great commission.


Simply put, we Give The Word. 

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